Transport Calc 2017

Calculate transport prices
With this freeware application can you calculate and document prices for all types of transport where the price is based on required time for the transport and your desired compensation per hour.

Calculation options:
– Calculate price based on your desired compensation per hour
– Calculate what offered price will give you for compensation per hour

Compensation per hour
You have calculated, or know by experience, what compensation per hour you need to provide full cost and give you a reasonable margin.

Country settings
You can choose which currency to display on screen and be printed out and you can choose if  kilometer per hour (km/h) or miles per hour (mph) shall be used in calculations.

You can save unlimited numbers of calculations in two databases:
– Calculated prices
– Offered prices

All calculations can be printed out to printer or PDF.

The application is free to use without any charge.
(Note that we leave no support for this application)